Train Your Employees in Data Analytics

> Dec 6 - 10, 2021

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Data plays a key role in business decision-making but many businesses are struggling with digital and data skills shortages in-house.

Leaders and managers reading this can improve data skills and literacy across their organisation with our leading big data course, Data Analytics, BI and Visualisation. We discuss your needs and customise this course to suit your business / organisation.

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Data skills shortages news - Q4 2021
Train Teams on Data Analytics

training workforces to be data literate

Delegates will be taught how to extract, analyse and comprehend large quantities of data via user-friendly, report-based analytical approaches that are transforming the way businesses read performance data.

Methods learned help ensure data is presented in a logical manner and to make informed business decisions.

Reporting and visualisation is designed for users of all experiential levels to produce insightful data analysis. Anyone who wants to learn about self-service business intelligence will benefit from this course, regardless of technical or analytical background.

Data Analytics, BI & Visualisation Course: Learning Outcomes

Pairview will focus participants on the basics of data literacy as well as advanced use for important decision-making.

Employees in many functions – including Sales, Marketing, HR, Operations, Digital, Supply Chain, Strategy and Finance – will develop a wider understanding of data, using shared numbers and dashboards to make collective, informed decisions, as well as support internal and external Business Process Automation (BPA).

Crucial data literacy skills will be taught for teams, or an entire company workforce, to read, work with, analyse and communicate with data.

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Rapidly analyse, wrangle, transform and present data
  • Understand the Power BI platform
  • Create efficient data models and set up queries to extract and transform data
  • Confidently use DAX calculations (Data Analysis Expressions)
  • Design, automate and publish interactive reports
  • Learn how to enhance your visualisations with predictive analysis

Lab Work

Delegates will work on popular problems faced by businesses across industry sectors that need urgent solutions, acquiring work experience by undertaking real-life projects including:

  • Extract Transform and Load (ETL) with Power Query Editor
  • Develop management reports and dashboards with Power BI visualisations
  • Develop and deploy end-to-end analytics report
  • Deploy Power BI Dashboard and automate reports on cloud
  • Know your Customer & CLV: EDA, Feature Engineering & Machine Learning with Python

Help your business or organisation develop the literacy needed to interpret and make sense of data. Enquire now about this big data course, Data Analytics, BI and Visualisation, running December 6 -10.

We can also set up and deliver this course to your company or organisation at dates and times to suit you in the next 4-6 weeks. Any questions? Use our online chat.