AI & Analytics Talent Revolution

ReInvent for new beginning with AI and Analytics Capabilities

November 13, 2020
11:00 AM -12:00 PM (GMT+0)

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In the era of digital transformation, firms are looking to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and data-driven technologies to create innovative solutions for their companies. COVID-19 also accelerates digital transformation, analytics implementation and skills evolution across organizations. As intelligent systems and machines reshape the nature of work, people will need entirely new skill sets. At the heart of an intelligent enterprise is a data-driven people transformation that helps most successful organisations to create sustainable competitive advantage and growth.

A recent research paper estimates that by investing in reskilling strategies that combine a strengthened talent pipeline, intelligent technologies, and an agile culture and leadership, companies can expect:
  • 38% revenue boost by 2022; and
  • 90% of worker time to be positively impacted by intelligent technologies.

Pairview has worked with the world’s leading organisations to develop Data-Digital talents and specialists and build a data-driven workforce and culture for their digital future, enabling them to deliver greater value, productivity and efficiency to the business. We are pleased to invite business executive members and analytics decision-makers and professionals to join our 60 minutes AI & Analytics Corporate Talent Revolution Webinar where we will discuss how to reinvent your workforce and talent for a new beginning with AI and Analytics Talent Solutions.

This is a specially designed global event on AI & Analytics workforce reskilling and talent resourcing solutions with local cutting edge insights. We will talk you through the transformational value and real-world use cases of AI & Analytics to the future of your organization and demonstrate some of the most innovative solutions to help you build an AI-powered enterprise for sustainable growth and efficiency.

You will discover the roadmap to reaching the full future potential of your workforce by elevating your people and unlocking the power of human potential to create an agile, productive workforce. We power the success of tomorrow – by enabling the next generation of data and analytics specialists, technologies, leaders and innovators, and helping our clients to build a data-driven organisation and achieve better performance through data.


  • Transformational value of AI and Analytics across industries: Finance, Business Services, Retail, Consumer Products, TELCO, Energy, Healthcare, and Public sector.
  • Imperatives of Workforce Futuring
  • Top digital skills by demand in non-IT functions
  • The Data & Analytics Skills Landscape: Data Engineering, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Innovative Talent Security Solutions
  • Roadmap to developing in-demand AI & Analytics capabilities
  • Specialist roles we develop or organisations
  • Our unique job-focused experiential learning approach
  • Programme demonstration: Expert Data Scientist programme, AI Engineer programme, Data Engineer programme
  • Reskilling programme co-creation: How do you take part in creating a high-impact training programme for your team?
  • Leverage World-class Talent: Our Top 3.2% Domain Experts and Masters
  • What our candidates offer: High-impact skills, analytics use case experience, best of breed technologies, and insight and commercial implication capabilities.
  • Hire fast, with unparalleled success
  • How we guarantee the right fit for your vacancy


Join The Workshop Led By Highly Experienced Analytics Consultants

Frank Abu

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

15+ years industry experience in data and analytics. 12 years in the Banking & Insurance sector and over 3 years in Senior Level Client Services Management in Software Consultancy. Worked with Barclays Bank, ClickFox Inc., O2, RIAS Insurance and Experian. Certified Oracle Database Administrator and IBM Certified Analytics professional, speaking in major Analytics conferences for IBM and Data Governance Forum.

Barry Walsh

Head of Advisory / Lead Analytics Consultant

15+ years experience of delivering client analytics and exploiting disparate and complex business data using advanced Machine Learning and Business Intelligence tools. A former software-delivery consultant and risk specialist at ABB/Ventyx, Infosys, e.on, Centrica and his own start-up, Barry has a proven track record of providing consultancy services in Data Science, Business Intelligence, IT and Business Analysis to major European businesses in Energy, IT and retail sectors.