Artificial Intelligence Masterclass

How to leverage AI and Machine Learning to solve pressing business problems

March 20, 2021
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM (GMT+0)

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At the cutting edge of technology advances, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gone mainstream with businesses globally expected to set out a vision which encompasses both data and AI strategy. Pairview is bringing to businesses and data professionals and enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the main and emerging trends in AI and learn the important AI skills and techniques used in building and deploying valuable AI use cases.
This Free AI Masterclass will give you a 360-degree perspective on how Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Neural Network-driven Deep Learning techniques are being rapidly deployed in today’s workplace, helping businesses to achieve efficiencies, move towards full-automation, save costs, and ultimately push workers away from the mundane towards value-added, revenue-generating creative roles.
Join the Masterclass to learn some of the major Machine Learning and Deep Learning skills and develop a production “mindset” to deliver full scale AI applications and solutions. Our hands-on AI Case Studies Masterclass takes a more focused approach to application development. We will look at best practices, processes and tools used to deploy to a cloud environment underpinned by distributed storage and computing power.
Join the Masterclass led by highly experienced AI and Machine Learning Consultants and emerge with deeper knowledge of AI use cases and new skills and techniques to leverage AI for solving pressing business problems.
Benefits for data analytics professionals and enthusiasts
  • Gain good knowledge and hands-on practice of trending AI concepts
  • Grasp how to use Python for Data Discovery (using live Covid data)
  • Gain the skills and techniques of using no-code/low-code interfaces for AI projects
  • Know how to implement Real-time Automation in Microsoft PowerBI
  • And so much more…
Benefits for businesses and organisations
  • Know how to design and build best practise machine and deep learning pipelines to solve real business problems and help predict what your clients or customers will do next.
  • Gain good knowledge of how to translate organisational data into a decision engine that can be used to influence commercial actions across the board.
  • Discover valuable Machine Learning and Deep Learning Use Cases that help increase and optimise customer experience, drive revenue generation, reduce costs, improve risk assessment and management, enhance fraud detection, and improve other business outcomes.
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Join The Workshop Led By Highly Experienced Analytics Consultants

Barry Walsh

Head of Advisory and Analytics Solutions

15+ years experience of delivering client analytics and exploiting disparate and complex business data using advanced Machine Learning and BI tools.

Zhentao Yang

AI and Data Science Consultant

Over 6 years’ experience in Data Science, Data Analytics and Mathematical Modelling across industry sectors, particularly Banking and Finance.