Executive Briefing

Beyond Fear and Hype: How Can AI Focus Your Business on a Digital Future

August 15, 2020
12:00 AM GMT -6:00 PM GMT
Coming in August

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In the era of digital transformation, firms are developing strategies to enable automation in highly repetitive processes and are looking to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), data and data-driven technologies to create innovative solutions for their companies. According to a recent report by PwC, the global economy can see a potential contribution of $15.7 trillion from AI by the year 2030.

A captivating conversation is taking place in the industry about:
– How Data Science and AI could help businesses through the pandemic crisis
– How to use technology and data-driven insight to help sustain and grow businesses thereby adapting to a fast-changing world.

What we do know is that companies with the best data and data analytics are better equipped to make solid decisions. The market is filled with evidence that good, timely, well-analyzed intelligence is better than none, or worse, incomplete, outdated, poorly-analyzed intelligence, especially during disruptive situations.

We are pleased to invite business executive members and data & analytics decision-makers and professionals to join our 60 minutes Global Executive Briefing: Beyond Fear and Hype – How AI can Focus Your Business on a Digital Future.

This is a specially designed global webinar on AI, Data Science and Big Data with local cutting edge insights. We will talk you through the transformational value and real-world use cases of AI to the future of your organization and our innovative solutions to building an AI-enabled enterprise and workforce for sustainable growth and efficiency.

Financial Services and Insurance


– Digital Transformation is beyond Technology
– Exploring the power of AI and Big Data and how to deploy and extract its value
– Use case overview: examples and ROI
– Be ready for the 4th industrial revolution

– Cloud-agile AI Delivery Model: Data Insights to App
– Mapped Application Solutions and Best Practices

– Organisational Reskilling Framework
– Talent Incubator Solution Model


Join The Workshop Led By Highly Experienced Analytics Consultants

Frank Abu

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

15+ years industry experience in data and analytics. 12 years in the Banking & Insurance sector and over 3 years in Senior Level Client Services Management in Software Consultancy. Worked with Barclays Bank, ClickFox Inc., O2, RIAS Insurance and Experian. Certified Oracle Database Administrator and IBM Certified Analytics professional, speaking in major Analytics conferences for IBM and Data Governance Forum.

Barry Walsh

Head of Advisory / Lead Analytics Consultant

15+ years experience of delivering client analytics and exploiting disparate and complex business data using advanced Machine Learning and Business Intelligence tools. A former software-delivery consultant and risk specialist at ABB/Ventyx, Infosys, e.on, Centrica and his own start-up, Barry has a proven track record of providing consultancy services in Data Science, Business Intelligence, IT and Business Analysis to major European businesses in Energy, IT and retail sectors.