The HR Opportunity Post-Pandemic – Webinar

Automated HR | Using People Analytics, Data & AI To Thrive

October 13, 2021
10AM – 12PM – UK time (GMT+1)
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HAND-ON-HEART, is your business or organisation fully prepared for the future post-pandemic?
To survive after Covid, how are you using emerging technologies to recover and succeed?
Are you up to date on the latest applications of automated HR, People Analytics and AI in the workplace? 
“Nero fiddled while Rome burned,” the saying goes. He ignored serious matters and so was despised by his people for neglecting them. As we emerge from the Coronavirus crisis, there is no time for modern leaders to “fiddle” and simply observe profound upheaval around them. Like chess, you must plan your next moves.
Pairview is inviting attendees to our first webinar post-pandemic to learn how to succeed as the future races towards us… how not to be Nero.


Huge challenges must be faced by leaders everywhere, especially HR. Workers must become ‘talent’, hierarchies must become networks of teams, workplaces become more human. Key issues our industry experts will cover in the webinar:

  • Overview of the modern recruitment environment
  • Measuring and improving workforce productivity
  • Influencing leadership at companies and organisations
  • How to utilise evidence from data to drive suggestions and structural change


Join The Workshop Led By Highly Experienced Analytics Consultants

Frank Abu

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

15+ years industry experience in data and analytics. 12 years in the Banking & Insurance sector and over 3 years in Senior Level Client Services Management in Software Consultancy. Worked with Barclays Bank, ClickFox Inc., O2, RIAS Insurance and Experian. Certified Oracle Database Administrator and IBM Certified Analytics professional, speaking in major Analytics conferences for IBM and Data Governance Forum.

Barry Walsh

Head of Advisory / Lead Analytics Consultant

15+ years experience of delivering client analytics and exploiting disparate and complex business data using advanced Machine Learning and Business Intelligence tools. A former software-delivery consultant and risk specialist at ABB/Ventyx, Infosys, e.on, Centrica and his own start-up, Barry has a proven track record of providing consultancy services in Data Science, Business Intelligence, IT and Business Analysis to major European businesses in Energy, IT and retail sectors.


Miranda Ubong - ACIPM, MBA

HR Talent Resourcing & Growth Consultant

Providing consultancy on client transformation and data solutions through Pairview’s range of services: Workforce Reskilling, Resource Planning and Talent Acquisition.