The telecommunications industry is being squeezed from all sides – top-line growth is stalling, revenues have levelled off, customers are finding new ways to engage digitally, and many other challenges. We help businesses in this sector to drive down costs, boost the speed and quality of decision-making across the enterprise, and transform the ways in which they work to improve their business in substantial, sustainable ways.


Building greater agility and resilience into the future operations

Disruption has become the norm in the telecommunications (telcos) industry. Unlike other industries, telcos companies are also the purveyors of disruption as the providers of the networks and technologies over which change happens. Communications service providers (CSPs) across the world are facing a fast-evolving landscape of stagnating revenues from traditional services, rising customer expectations, and intensifying competition from agile and well-funded entrants.

The good news is that CSPs have a window of opportunity in which to reinvent themselves for the new industry environment. To keep up with increasing competitive pressure and meet growing customer demands, they must achieve a comprehensive digital-and-analytics transformation. Operators that pursue a comprehensive digital-and-analytics transformation can drive a 30 to 50 percent cash-flow improvement through revenue acceleration and cost optimization. However, few businesses have gone far enough or been bold enough in their approach to digital-and-analytics transformation.

Pairview introduces our vision for an intelligent enterprise where our capabilities in AI, automation and analytics can help telcos businesses to identify and exploit opportunities for sustainable cost optimization to deliver competitive advantage, digitize core customer journeys and internal processes, and use data to drive real insights.



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How can we help

Learn how our AI, automation and advanced analytics solutions can help you to navigate rapidly changing markets to sustain savings as fuel for growth, promote innovation, capture new opportunities, and create value.


Network Infrastructure Optimisation


Preventive Maintenance

Cutommer segmentation

Better Customer Segmentation and Targeting

Telecommunications undraw prioritise tgdh compressor

Predicting Customer Intent and Behaviour

Predicting Customer Preferences

Predicting Customer Churn and Improving Loyalty

Automate customer service

Optimising and Automating Customer Service

Flagship Solutions

Case Studies

Route-to-market strategy for Fiber Broadband

End-to-end advanced analytics strategy for their new Fibre Broadband proposition. Route-to-market strategy for a major TELCO- Fiber Broadband proposition

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